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PS3 to start streaming ITV and Channel 4 content in the UK this week

Catch up services (ITV Player and 4OD) coming to PS3, adding to the BBC iPlayer app we already have. Will be interesting to see if its a proper app (like Mubi) or just a browser view (like iPlayer). The latter is more likely…

VUDU movie service coming to PS3 on November 23

Another streaming video library coming to PS3! Would love some vudu action in the UK that’s for sure…

LOVEFiLM UK Is Available On PlayStation 3 Today

Apparently to quit you have to hold down the PS button

Lovefilm looks to be headed to UK PlayStation 3 consoles

Exciting news the Lovefilm (sort of the UK version of NetFlix) is coming to the PS3. Currently the LoveFilm streaming library is small and not the greatest quality, but this could change?

PS3 users to be charged for PlayTV

Turns out that the new features in PlayTV, like Series Link are going to be pay-for upgrade from the PS Store. No news of how much yet, but I’d feel very curmudgeonly having to pay anything for ‘Chat TV’.

Sony Qriocity on-demand movie service extends into Europe, 'Music Unlimited' coming by year's end -- Engadget

It was supposed to be out in February, but it’s now confirmed for Autumn. Will be interesting to see the pricing…

PlayTV update coming

Amongst all the social media integration piffle is finally the feature we want - Series Link!

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